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You are the last survivor of the alien infestation. Your survival depends on your cunning,
and your battery powered suit and weapon.

A top down action game with a tense atmosphere, in the vain of Pacman or Wizard of Wor.
Inspiration come after watching that scene in ALIENS where the marines are watching their radars ping
and get incredibly nervous because they cant see the alien.
Claustrophobic maze shooter, where each attack, and each injury increase the tension of the experience.

Runs on Windows in fullscreen.
Coded entirely in Game Maker Studio 1.6.
Music written on Musescore 2.1
All art designed in the Game maker sprite editor.
All code is completely original, and written within the 48 hours.
All code, art, music, design was done by me.

Made in 48 hours for the Game Makers Toolkit Game Jam 2017 by Daniel D'Cruz.

Contact me at peanj@hotmail.com with any comments or questions.

Install instructions

Unzip and run Galactatron.exe

The included readme is for the judges of the GMTK Game Jam 2017


Galactatron.zip 5 MB

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